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Thread: Website Showcase: vBulletin Training

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    Website Showcase: vBulletin Training

    vBulletin Training Website

    Through the accepted permission from Tempus, I have converted my vBulletin into a training ground for anyone and everyone who needs assistance with how vBulletin 4.2x series works. So for those who are new to vBulletin and want assistance and guidance on how to operate the forum and staff panels that come along with it then please feel free to visit and register at

    Again anyone and everyone is welcomed to join This is where you can get hands on training and have your questions answered by myself and if anyone else has worked with vBulletin before and know their in's and out's as well are more then welcomed to join and submit an application for our staff to help support other people from around the world in getting use to working with vBulletin 4.2x series.

    Disclaimer: All rules and regulations that is established and enforced at are also the same rules and regulations that are enforced at vBulletin Training. Failure to follow the rules could have consequences such as being issued an infraction, suspension of account or permanent ban from vBulletin Training.
    --vBulletin 4 Assistance Team--

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