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Thread: XenForo 2.0.0 Beta 8 Nulled

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    XenForo 2.0.0 Beta 8 Nulled

    We are happy to announce that the 2.0.0 Beta 8 releases of XenForo and our official add-ons are now available to all customers with active licenses. This release continues to focus on bug fixes and other small improvements.

    If all goes well with this release, we anticipate that the next release will be considered a release candidate (the final step before a stable/supported release).

    Once again, please pay attention to the following warnings:

    XenForo 2.0 is a significant upgrade from 1.x. Add-ons and customizations made for XenForo 1.x will not be compatible. Style customizations will need to be redone and will not be maintained after the upgrade. We strongly recommend you make a backup before attempting an upgrade.

    This is beta software. It is not officially supported. We do not recommend running it in production.


    Important: please always use corresponding versions of the official add-ons with the XenForo 2.0.0 beta releases. If you choose to use the beta/release candidate releases, you should always use the most recent version of all components.

    Please note that XenForo 2.0 has higher system requirements than XenForo 1.x. We will be updating the requirements test script in the near future to reflect this. The following are minimum requirements:

    PHP 5.4 or newer
    MySQL 5.5 and newer
    All of the official add-ons require XenForo 2.0.
    Enhanced Search requires at least Elasticsearch 2.0.

    Installation, Upgrading and Configuration of Add-ons

    To upgrade or install these add-ons, you should upload the contents of the upload folder (not the upload folder itself) to the root XenForo directory. It is important that the files you upload are "merged" with the existing files on your server; no files on the server should be deleted as part of your upload.

    Once uploaded, head to the add-ons section of your control panel. The add-ons should be listed as installable or upgradable. If they are not, please confirm that you uploaded them to the correct location.

    Please remember that this is beta software. It contains known bugs and incomplete functionality. We do not recommend or support running beta software in a production environment. Support for beta releases is limited to questions here on the community forums.
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