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Thread: REG: vBulletin 4 CMS Permissions Overview

    1. REG: vBulletin 4 CMS Permissions Overview

      REG: vBulletin 4 CMS Permissions Overview

      By: (Super VIP) cfleischmann is offline 7th Jan 2018 23:03
      0. What is it?

      The vBulletin CMS allows site owners and administrators to create and manage articles (and optionally allow other users to do so as well).

      1. What is the Goal of this Article?

      The answer is simple, to go as in-depth as reasonably possible about the vBulletin CMS Permission system. This article is being written because I could not find any information to answer my own question and so I had to experiment with it and here are my findings thus saving others in future the time worrying on it.

      2. The basics: Sections, categories, and articles:

      First, let's do a brief refresher on the basic areas on the CMS. The most basic unit of information is the article, this is exactly what it sounds like it; a news item, a tutorial, or other content article. The next level up is the section, this is a grouping of related articles (examples: news, public resources, press releases, information for partners, etc.) An article can only be assigned to one section. Sections can have different permissions set to allow or take away a user's rights. Another related concept is that of the category. The category is like an admin-defined tag and different articles from different sections can have multiple categories thus allowing for organization purposes.

      3. Managing Sections:

      To manage sections, please go to AdminCP > vBulletin CMS > Section Manager. Once this page loads up, you can either move a section by clicking on the pencil icon, publish or un-publish the section, change the section layout, and add sections and sub-sections (sections within other sections). To go another level down to see the sections are articles in a section, you can either choose the section link in the left-most column, or select the change section button at the top next to the name of the current section.

      note: Sections must be empty before they can be deleted.

      4. Section Permissions:

      To modify section permissions, go to AdminCP > vBulletin CMS > Permissions

      The first thing that is not readily apparent is that section permissions are inherited. If you have the home section and five sections under the home section and one section under each of them. Unless you specifically set permissions on one of the sections under one of the five top-level sections under home, permissions will flow down. The easiest way to set the permissions on sections that I've found is to set them to the most common settings (example everyone but banned users and unregistered users can read and download attachments, but only administrators, moderators, and super moderators can create content, while only super moderators and administrators are the only ones who can publish or edit others content. No one can use HTML in CMS content) at the home level first and if needed, set specific permissions at each of your sub-sections.

      The permissions are:
      • can read
      • can download attachments
      • can create content
      • can edit others' content
      • can publish
      • can use HTML in CMS content

      you can use the drop down boxes at the top below the permission columns to rapidly set or un-set that permission.

      When you are in the CMS Permission management screen there are two icons that you need to pay attention to:
      • grey unlocked padlock means that no permissions are set OR that the permissions are being inherited from a higher level
      • yellow locked padlock means that custom permissions are set for that specific section.

      Important things to remember when working with CMS Permissions:
      • permissions are inherited and flow downward
      • the greater permission controls (a yes overrides a no, a 10 overrides a 1, etc.) the exception to this rule is that of a zero (0) when zero means unlimited or no limit which in this case is truly greater permission. This is true throughout vBulletin but is not readily apparent when working with CMS sections and the permissions that govern them.
      • If a user is part of multiple groups, the greater permission controls.

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