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Thread: My Current Web Projects...

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    My Current Web Projects...

    I Have a few Web Projects that I am involved in and would like to showcase them all in one thread to avoid spamming. If any of the sites in this thread interest you in their subject matter, please consider joining.

    MyJem Online: Fan Site for Jem and the Holograms, a cartoon and doll line from the 1980's.
    Only registered members can view code.
    This is a site still in development so don't trip over any stray HTML tags :-)

    Kate's Bisexual Playground: A support site for people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and thought process. Also a support site for victims of any kind of abuse.
    Only registered members can view code.
    Dream of Winx: A fan site for the Italian cartoon Winx Club.
    Only registered members can view code.
    Note: I don't own the site, I did help migrate it over from a free and ad-cluttered forum hosting provider

    Winx Club Fan Forum: another Winx Club Fan site (this time built by me.)
    Only registered members can view code.
    Feel free to get a look at these sites and join if the content meets our interests or needs.

    have a good day.
    Carly G. Fleischmann:
    Customer Experience Lead / Sr. Web Dev.:
    XDS Support & Training Services

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