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Thread: REG: How to dispaly/interact with certain components outside of vB?

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    REG: How to dispaly/interact with certain components outside of vB?

    Greetings Everyone:

    So, something just came up in a team meeting at work. We'd like to have a daily poll on our interact page which is outside of vbulletin, is there a way to call a specific poll (as attached to a given thread) from an external system or page? Essentially take the poll block and deploy it on another page. The polls would be in a public area so a user can go and read the thread they're attached to if they want but don't need to be logged in for the ability to cast their votes thus allowing us to have an open poll without having to mess about having new users register or even be redirected to the forums unless he/she wants to go there.

    The forum that the daily polls would be placed in would allow our interact team and news staff be able to post new threads and polls, but allow anyone else (except banned users) to read the threads and vote in polls. This can be accomplished with the built-in permissions system. It's just getting the external page or system to display the poll of the day that's something that no one around here has no ideas.

    In the same vein as the above, we want to have a link to our DBTech VBShout instillation in the navigation links and only allow non-registered users to access certain areas from the external page (if they authenticate to vB first they get all the rooms etc. a normal user would get)
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    You could use an iframe bbcode. Replacement text is:
    Only registered members can view code.
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