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Thread: The second post is advertising

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      The second post is advertising

      Version: 2.0.9, by (Administrator) Tempus is offline
      Developer Last Online: Nov 2018 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Version: 4.2.0 Rating:  Installs: 0
      Released: 30th Oct 2018 Last Update: Never Downloads: 0
      Supported Uses Plugins Auto-Templates Translations

      I know that there are many addons but I like the special needs, sorry for my bad English

      With this addon the second post is not necessarily a post Google Adsense ADS as to release the users was chosen to allow free insertion of HTML Ads.

      The addon has the following functions:

      1) automatically uses the style of postboard (postbit o postbit_legacy)
      2) it is possible to exclude some forum posts from viewing ads
      3) it is possible to exclude some groups of users from viewing post ads
      4) it is possible to exclude some discussions based on prefix
      5) it is possible to customize the user profile virtual ads - nickname and avatar
      (usertitle Location - Join Date ecc. need to modify the phrase)

      I hope it will be useful to some of you.



      Import product_second_post_ads.xml
      Configure in vBulletin Options -> Ads Second Post

      This plugin adds:

      2 template

      2 plugin
      Second Post ADS
      Cache template
      10 phrase


      2.0.0 only post nr.2 is ads
      2.0.1 Added option on every page is the second post ads (post 11)
      2.0.2 fixed two error template postbit_legacy - change admin option
      2.0.3 fix the code for compatibility vb. 4.0.4 or higher
      2.0.4 add option align post ads
      • correct a little imperfection template
      • add possibility of using a second circuit Ads

      the second option ads is strongly bound by the general filters: Forums to be Excluded

      2.0.6 fix inline mod select/deselect all
      2.0.7 fix mini bug
      2.0.8 fix dependency version - add two phrases - fix folder upload
      2.0.9 fix bug option exclude prefix - fix ads on pm - change dependency version


      Arabic - Dr.osamA (vers. 2.0.2)
      German - Igel1 (vers. 2.0.3)

      Download Now

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