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      Forum Category Icons (Advanced)

      Version: 2.0.0, by (Administrator) Tempus is offline
      Developer Last Online: Aug 2017 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Version: 4.x.x Rating:  Installs: 3
      Released: 13th Jul 2012 Last Update: Never Downloads: 81
      Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Template Edits

      vB Version: 4.x.x

      This is a hack that will add icons to your forum categories on the forum home page.

      History: I was the originator of this hack back in the vBulletin 1.x days and continued this in vb 3.7.x. I have had numerous requests to port this to vb 4.x.x so here you are.

      Please click install if you want support for this mod and to encourage me to continue adding features!


      You can find nice icons here, here and here.

      Thanks to LatinoCheats for this link.


      • * Option to change icon location i.e. After Status Icon, Under Forum Title or Replace Status Icon.
        * Now contains a dropdown listing your icons in the folder so you just select and save.
        * Displays icon in forum manager when editing a forum that contains an icon.
        * Change icon width and height so you need to only upload one size icon.
        * Set icon position so you can center the icon when using smaller icons.
        * Dropdown of transparency settings for icons used to replace status icons when indicating "Old Posts".
        * Allows you to mark forum/subforum as read.
        * Now shows locked icons (lock icon added to download and this overlays the status icons when indicating a locked forum).

      • * Now works for Mark Forum/SubForum as read!

      • * Fixed: template bug.
        * Added: Now shows locked icons (lock icon added to download and this overlays the status icons when indicating a locked forum.)

      • * Added: Automatic Template Edits!
        * Added: Only jpg, gif and png icons allowed. (extensions checked in forum edit).
        * Fixed: Mark Forum Read for specific forum/subforum.
        * Fixed: Now shows non-transparent status icon when "Show Locks" is enabled.

      • * Fixed: Users Viewing. (This is working on a default vb style, others styles may have issues)
        * Fixed: Mark Read should now be fixed, working fine on my end.
        * Fixed: Icon not appearing when "Forum Description" disabled.

      • * Icon size can be set either globally or set per forum, setting is in vb options.
        * When selecting an icon in forum manager the selected icon now shows to the right of the dropdown so you can see what you are selecting.
        * If your upgrading from 1.2.4 and had to do manual template edits then you will need to revert the templates and redo the edits.

      Upgrades: For those upgrading just make sure when you import the product you select "Allow Overwrite". You will also need to revert your templates (only for users of version 1.2.2 or earlier) and then follow the instructions as outlined in the install.html file.

      Note: Before you ask, yes this works with all browsers. (Tested on FF, IE8, IE7, Chrome, Safari and Opera)

      IMPORTANT! If you use the "Auto Template" feature of this mod and it doesn't work then you MUST do the manual template edits outlined in the install.html. This plugin was created using a default vbulletin style.

      If you like this mod than please nominate for "MOTM".

      Donations are gladly accepted!

      Download Now


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      • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.

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    Still having the same issue. I even completely removed it and reverted my templates and tried again and it's still doing it.

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    Hi, I've just installed and done the template changes, but all I get is this

    Call to undefined function eregi() on line 12 in /home/********/public_html/admincp/forum.php(248) : eval()'d code
    #0 /home/valehost/public_html/admincp/forum.php(248): eval()
    #1 {main}

    Also no way to assign image


    Any ideas?


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    Need icons for my forum


    Do you have this for V5 Connect?


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