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Thread: GIF & Flash Text Generators (No MySpace Glitter Stuff)

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    GIF & Flash Text Generators (No MySpace Glitter Stuff)

    GIF Text Animations & Generators (No MySpace Glitter)

    I have always loved GIF Text Animations and Generators, mainly because they are simple and small in Size. AND they don't mess up your Website Bandwidth. But sadly there are just STILL too many of the old MySpace Glittered Texts Generators Online. Anyways, below I will add a few GIF Text Animations, Including the Websites where I created them. And If you know a Website With an Awesome GIF Text Generator, Then please share it below this topic.

    Scrolling Text in Strobe/Neon Light
    (Created on

    Random Typing GIF Text (Created on

    Cool 3D GIF Animations
    (Created on

    Professional & Clean GIF Text Generator
    (Created on

    Dont Use Right Click Saving Method

    Do not to save the Images using "Right Click" and Save method on the website "". Instead use the "Download" Button orelse it will ruin the Gif File.

    Other Recommended GIF Text Generators

    Flash Text Animations & Ads Maker

    If you want to Create Flash Animated Text or Ads then I recommend using or

    How to Save Flash Animations For Free from

    The website is a Pad Website. They do not allow Basic Members to Save the Flash SWF Animations. But I have a trick for you guys to Save it for free. If you are using Firefox Web Browser, then do the following.

    1) Click on File menu > Save Page As > Durring Savings as "Page Type" select > Webpage Complete, (Html. Htm) > Then simply click on "Save" Button to save the complete page and it will Create a Folder with all the files inside.

    2) Now go inside the folder and the Flash File should b in there with the Text that says something like logo748347.swf. Thats yours Flash Animation that you've Created on their Website. And thats how you save the Flash for Free.

    Removal of Watermark from Flash by

    The Website FlashVortex is a Free Site, But when you Create an Animation it will add a Small Watermark with the Text "FlashVortex" linked to their Website. I find it really annoying.

    The Watermark can bee seen on the right bottom corner:

    But dont worry, We on vBulletin-Mods can Remove the Watermark for Free and without Damaging the main Flash file. Just Download your Flash from and send to me or Tempus in a Private Message. or Create a Topic and add the Download Link to your Flash.swf file or upload it as Attachments. We will Remove the Watermark within the 24 Hours.

    Brought to you by ChiNa /

    Notice: Some of the Mods and Addons Published on vBMods are for Testing and Educational purposes only. We/vBMods are not the Developers of these Products.The Credits goes to the Original Developer. If you find it helpfull then feel free to Comment or Share the Link. Be also aware that some of the products may be a Trial Version. To support the Developers feel free to Purchase the Full Version. Thank you.

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    Nice post, needs more myspace glitter though haha :P but thanks for the share I especially love the Random Typing text :) will come in handy <3

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