View Full Version : vBulletin 5.x Template Modifications

  1. vb5 forum category spacing
  2. Social Buttons with Short Share URL
  3. User Drop Down Icons
  4. New way to force guests to register
  5. Make ADVANCED Editor Default for Posting
  6. Classic Style Snow Fall
  7. Disable Right Click
  8. Clean Quotation Design
  9. Clean [CODE] and [PHP] Design
  10. Social Badges
  11. New Post Indicators
  12. Simple EU Cookie Law MOD
  13. CSS3 Firefox Button
  14. Image thumbnails for the list of attachments
  15. [vBMods.rocks] Event Date That Rocks using CSS
  16. [vBMods.rocks] Forum Category Spacing - no template editing needed/vBCloud compatible
  17. Fast post a topic at forums-list
  18. Hide bb_codes for unregistered users vb 5.2 and 5.3.3
  19. Hide username on main-navbar