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  1. 4.x.x Change Available BB Code in Text Editor
  2. 4.x.x How to Change forum.php to index.php or Root of vBulletin?
  3. 4.x.x Enable Facebook Platform for Logins, Incl. Auto Sharing of Posts & Threads vB4.x
  4. 4.x.x [vB4] The Beginner's Guide to Creating vBulletin Products
  5. 4.x.x Protect Your Forum Against Spammers (Secure Registrations)
  6. 4.x.x New Way to Create vBulletin custom page using 1 plugin
  7. 4.x.x REG: vBulletin 4 CMS Permissions Overview
  8. 4.x.x Finding StyleVars Using Firebug
  9. 4.x.x First Look at vBulletin 4 Template Variables
  10. 4.x.x First Look at vBulletin 4 Template Tags
  11. 4.x.x vBulletin 4 Template Syntax: General
  12. 4.x.x How to create your own vBulletin 4 sidebar block.
  13. 4.x.x Customizing VSa - Chatbox with user avatars
  14. [TUTORIAL] using infractions and warnings in vBulletin 4.x
  15. 4.x.x [HOW-TO vB4] Create a Widget using Plugins and Templates