View Full Version : Question: XF vs. VB4.2.3?

15th Jun 2018, 23:12

I have seen XF on a lot of sites and I was wondering how does it stack up against vB 4.2.3 Suite? I am extremely used to vB 4.2.3 and the mods (especially considering my job’s WinxPortal and JemPortal variants). Would it be worth my time and patience to learn XF and what are the compelling reasons to do so? Thanks for the input on this topic!

26th Sep 2018, 18:20
XF - much better perfomance, much better security (for me very important thing), a lof of new and supported crazy plugins ( which on vb even not possible ). if you have really small vB commnity, no attachments, not 1000 of threads and users, then switch to XF2.