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12th Jul 2012, 16:25
What do you think of the probation period? Vote on the poll and add a comment if you wish to express yourself on the matter.

The Unknown
12th Jul 2012, 16:40
I vote for the top option, as it keeps un-necessary posts away from the forum, it helps it stay clean and doesnt cause alot of spam...my vote is on keeping it...it only takes a little while to get past...and its to see if your worthy or not,as i said before...i like it

16th Jul 2012, 12:40
I think it does help, but I know that it adds more work for the moderation team :)

29th Jul 2012, 15:40
i love it, although it didnt work right with me, after i made my 2 posts and they were approved i was still in the limited member group. although i love the basis and idea of it, im going to set somthing up like this on my site using
advance options based on post count

29th Jul 2012, 16:25
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You need to log out then back in for it to change your usergroup. The cron job runs every 15 minutes so if it doesn't change your group when you log in, you need to give it a few more minutes. If you need help setting this up on your own forum, let me know.

29th Jul 2012, 16:31
ok thank you, on 3.8.7 though i should be able to get somthing like this working using advanced permissions based on post count right? and have a usergroup IE: Noobs (under 2 posts) with like no permissions, and moderated. then have members with a little better permissions, and as for the text and notice box that would just be a matter of adding the if is member tags to what ever i want the "Noobs" to see =)

9th Aug 2012, 22:18
i dont feel its good
u may have other ways to stop spammer, just like approve their post but this i think not a good way

10th Aug 2012, 10:35
I actually hated it at first. I kinda like it now though when I understand the whole meaning of it.
It's a great way to stop spammers indeed.

Is there a download link somewhere?

10th Aug 2012, 13:57
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It's custom. I haven't released it to anyone or made it a mod yet. Looking for someone to do it for me ;-)

10th Aug 2012, 15:09
Only registered members can view quoted posts.

Ah, I see
I wish I knew how to create a Mod :/

12th Aug 2012, 17:23
Well, I like it. It should spambots keep away from this forum. :)

25th Aug 2012, 12:09
It's good now :)

26th Aug 2012, 17:19
I like it and hate it, cause I am ready to download lol, but one think I did to our site is put a 5 step math problem in that they have to answer. It's very easy for anyone to do, but it had kept the spam far far away! We had an issues with spam bots for a little while till I added it, but I do like this idea as well.

28th Aug 2012, 12:08
It's a good idea, but it also effects uploads. I can't upload.....lol.....oh well it's not that long until a mod/admin approves those two posts!

10th Sep 2012, 17:10
I understand why it is there but how long does Probation last?

10th Sep 2012, 18:05
As soon as you make a few posts and you have been registered for 24 hours you will change usergroup.

13th Sep 2012, 01:02
I do not like

13th Sep 2012, 10:14
#1: I Like It
#2: i Wanna it :)

thanks man for the quick reply :icon_mooooh:

13th Sep 2012, 10:22
Only registered members can view quoted posts.
No worries. I will think about posting this custom mod on the forum. It is not a modification yet, just a custom template edit. It may become a paid mod unless I decided to release it for free.

9th Oct 2012, 09:59
After just coming off my 'probation' period I dont see the problem with it tbh if people only come here for the mods then they will wait for them if not then oh well they will be back soon enough.

9th Oct 2012, 15:53
I liked it, it wasn't such an exciting mod, though, this is how I look at it; if your sole purpose for coming here is to leech, then you'll hate it and really don't have any business here in the first place. Nonetheless, if there was a bot to monitor activity of those awaiting the approval of probation period, the activity of them should exceed a certain amount, but, if it doesn't, then their download limit should increase by only so many.

Just an idea to throw out there, consider it, trash it, whatever you want with it.

17th Oct 2012, 08:32
I like it, as a member here I really don't want people stopping by just to leave shortly after and download some of the stuff that we put up. Some of the styles I posted specifically I want to hear about from the people who install it and use it daily on their forum, because what took me a couple minutes to put on here will change their forums for not only them but all of their members. I find it a bit interesting, with that in mind if someone just comes on here, registers and then leaves they don't really contribute to the reason I upload styles, they're just leechers and no one likes leechers. It keeps them out, I like it that way. Keep it, it's absolutely excellent.

23rd Oct 2012, 10:50
I don't like it. I think it would drive users away from the Website. I won't though, this website will help me a lot :)