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10th Nov 2015, 20:26
I was wondering how our members go about selecting a host?

Do they choose the first one they find?
Do they know what options are available to them?

We are in talks with a hosting company at the moment about possibly advertising for each other. The specialise in offshore hosting which is great for nulled or warez sites.

Would you purchase hosting from a company vBMods recommend and more so if you could get a good discount?

10th Nov 2015, 20:36
meee meee want free hosting LOL

10th Nov 2015, 20:44
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Haha! Disn't say free. I said a discount

10th Nov 2015, 20:53
If anyone thinks vBulletin will work on free-hosting.... forget it... not worth even trying...

Tempus an offshore VPS discount would be nice in the future...

11th Nov 2015, 06:52
If this company has Dedicated servers I will consider them

11th Nov 2015, 08:55
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Dedicated servers for you to buy or just running them?

11th Nov 2015, 18:41
I have multiple sites on a dedi and looking for a new one

12th Dec 2015, 12:35
have a look at online.net they may be able to sort something out and some decent prices.

23rd Oct 2017, 22:17
I would, definitely. I would take care that Apache (the engine) won't block certain funcs. such "symlink" and the MySQL engine is unrestricted (many DBs, many users allowed simultaneously and stuff like that)..

11th Jan 2018, 23:06
I am honestly hosting with a VPS here in the states with a company who honestly could really care less. The reason I mention this is that that I directly asked them very vaguely "If a colleagues of mine handed me off a keygen for certain scripts and the like would I get a terms of service violation?" their direct response was that if they're not aware of it they could care less and if they go poking through my VPS because of a complaint, I"m my own hosting provider at that point they just provide me the VPS so whoever was after me for such things would need to contact me and not them.

If I were ever contacted by vBulletin I would say that I can't confirm nor deny what customers have on their sites nor can I validate where they obtained the files from. Notice the wording in bold. I can't control where they get the files and for all I know they could have had someone buy the license legit and null it... I don't know, I am not the moral polcice or the file source police. I do have it in my terms that licenses will be checked with vendors and such, but I just turn a blind eye to it if I were to get contacted. The bits in my terms of service are just so say "I'm doing my job..." so long as it's not hurting anyone physically or putting anyone in danger (e.g. sharing any personal information, promoting acts of hate, etc.) I could care less.