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18th Nov 2011, 22:16
How to earn from uploading? It takes minutes to upload huge files to Buploads.com and they will pay you for downloads of your files.

1. What for I get paid?
You upload files and share them with others. For 1000 downloads you get paid up to 40USD.

2. Where can I find someone who would like to download my files?
The easiest way to share it here in the forum. You can also share it in other forums or create special websites for it.

3. Which filehost to choose?
New file hostings are always proposing best conditions. There is no secret that Buploads.com there analyzing their concurents and are proposing the best conditions. So today it is a bit easier for you to choose:

Only registered members can view code.Sure you can think that this is only advertising, but compare the proposals and you will seehttp://www.forumas.org/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

4. Why the new file hosting is better than Hotfile, Megaupload, Filesonic or other old one?
You know that after the file hosting become popular it is being leeched by such servers like rapid8, leechking and leech.warezmafia.org. And uploaders do not get paid for leeched files. Buploads.com was created by people who were the founders of leechking, oneleech, leechmod, superleech and many more so it should stay safe from leechers.

5. Everything is simple:
a. Register at
Only registered members can view code.b. upload your file
c. share your links
d. Collect the minimum payout amount 30USD
e. get the payment to your paypal account

6. How much Buploads.com pay?
Depending on the country for 1000download you get paid:

For files up to 50MB you get paid up to 5USD
For files up to 100MB you get paid up to 10USD
For files up to 200MB you get paid up to 16USD
For files up to 400MB you get paid up to 28USD
For files up to 1GB you get paid up to 35USD
For files bigger then 1GB you get paid up to 40USD

Also you get paid 25% from the income of your referrals.

21st Nov 2011, 02:30
Think i will start uploading today

21st Nov 2011, 11:00
I hope it works for you. You must be a keen uploader lol.

Please ensure anything you upload for this site is done directly and not linked to other sites unless the file size is hugs. Let me know how buploads works outf or you.

15th Dec 2014, 23:56
sites terminated...

16th Dec 2014, 15:33
@I hate Uploading sites that doesnt hold more than a few years. Thats one of the reasons I host my files on Google or Mediafire.

16th Dec 2014, 21:11
if i have to use a filehost i tend to use zippyshare as its faster for the end user with no capcha (in an encrypted rar and nice filename if i need the file to remain over a longer period) :)

7th May 2015, 12:58

21st Feb 2016, 17:15
too bad