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Thread: [TUTORIAL] using infractions and warnings in vBulletin 4.x

    1. [TUTORIAL] using infractions and warnings in vBulletin 4.x

      [TUTORIAL] using infractions and warnings in vBulletin 4.x

      By: (VIP) cfleischmann is offline 3rd Dec 2018 03:01
      The following article was written as a help article for one of the sites I help admin on. Since I wrote the original article, I thought I'd share it here. Huge thanks to my colleague Jennette for playing "Guinea Pig" for this one

      If your WinxPortalŽ or JemPortalŽ System Manager, Deployment Coordinator, or Site Admin has setup infractions, warnings, and infraction groups in your site's StarlightPanel, the following actions are made available to moderators and super moderators based on permissions set in their usergroups. Note that while in this tutorial, we use WinxPortalŽ or JemPortalŽ the steps will apply appropriately in any vBulletin 4.x installation.

      Terms you should know:
      • WinxPortalŽ or JemPortalŽ: a site using vBulletin 4.x or a custom WinxPortalŽ or JemPortalŽ spin.
      • StarlightPanel: The administration panel for Site admins, System Managers, and Deployment Coordinators. Accessed by in a standard vB install. Ask your System Manager or Deployment Coordinator for the appropriate link.
      • Infraction; a rules violation that carries a certain number of points. Infractions can automatically disappear after a certain amount of time passes.
      • Warning: a rules violation but this will not carry any points.
      • Infraction Points: a total stored with the user, if enough points are stored with a user, they will be placed into an infraction group which is designed to take away privileges or institute an automatic ban.
      • Auto-Ban: a ban instituted by the software based on the number of points or infractions stored with the user.

      You can warn or issue infractions either for a specific post in violation of rules, or at the user's profile. in the "infractions" tab. To warn or give an infraction take the following steps:

      1. find the offending post and click on the "cards" icon between the IP icon and the report post icon:

      2.0 no infraction or warn.jpg
      Image 1: post footer showing post controls. Notice the grey "Cards" icon next to the IP icon.

      2. you'll get a screen like this, the top part lets you use a predefined infraction reason or if allowed by your Deployment Coordinator, System Manager, or Site Admin; define your own and assign custom points, expiration, and reason. Note: System Managers, Deployment Coordinators, and Site Admins can disable "Arbitrary Infractions" on a per-usergroup basis in StarlightPanel so this ability might not be available to you. you'll see the warn check box at the right of the infraction reason if allowed by your System Manager, Deployment Coordinator, or a Site Admin you can assign this will not award points to users but rather just serve to warn the user and remind them of the rules. Note: The reasons for predefined infractions/warnings reasons, points, expiration times, and warn abilities are defined on a per-site basis by your System Manager, Deployment Coordinator, or a site Admin via StarlightPanel. If you do not see a reason that best meets the needs of the infraction or warning, pleas contact your System Manager, Deployment Coordinator, or a Site Admin and ask them to add it to the Infraction Manager in StarlightPanel (StarlightPanel > User Infractions > User Infraction Manager).

      2.1-giving an infraction or warning.jpg
      Image 2: adding a warning or infraction screen showing predefined reasons, the ability to add arbitrary infraction/warning, and ability to ban.

      3. you'll get the option to ban like this:

      2.2-option for banning.jpg

      after you fill out all the information on this screen hit the "give infraction" to continue or the reset button to start over.

      4. you'll then be able to add an admin note and put a message which will be delivered to the user. If PM is enabled on your site, the message will be delivered via PM, if PM is not enabled on your site, the message will be delivered by email:

      2.3-admin note and message to user.jpg

      5. choose give infraction. you'll see the icon turns yellow for a warning or red for an infraction where before it was grey

      2.4-warning given to user.jpg
      Warning given to user (yellow cards)

      Infraction Given to user (red Cards)

      If your Deployment Coordinator, System Manager, or Site Admin has configured the appropriate options in StarlightPanel, a discussion will be created in the appropriate forums discussion area:

      2.5-discussion created in staff area.jpg

      2.6-discussion forum open showing new infraction or warning.jpg

      2.7-first post in discussion on user infraction.jpg


      From a user perspective, this is what the infraction or warning looks like if he/she has received a PM:

      user warning PM.jpg

      If you want to give an infraction or warning from a user's profile instead of for a specific thread or post, open the user's profile and go to the infractions tab. From here, you can see the infractions/warnings already active against a user or add a new one.

      warning and infraction in prfile.jpg

      If you want to reverse the infractions or warning and you have the appropriate permissions to do so you can click on an infraction or warning and choose to reverse it

      review or reverse.jpg

      warning reversed.jpg

      Hope this tutorial helps someone
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    Nice article, thanks for posting it. Could you edit it and add the images again, it seems they are not working.
    The Small Print
    Our staff assume members have read the rules and will not accept ignorance as an excuse for not following the them.
    The breaking of any rule WILL lead to you being warned or even banned without notice so don't risk it!

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    Finally fixed it while in hospital on Christmas day for goodness sake :-) Sorry for the delay :-(
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