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Thread: [PUREVB] ScaryDark 4.2.5

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      [PUREVB] ScaryDark 4.2.5

      Version: 4.2.5, by (Junior Member) Adan is offline
      Developer Last Online: Apr 2019 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Version: 4.2.x Rating:  Installs: 4
      Released: 3rd Feb 2019 Last Update: Never Downloads: 22
      Supported Template Edits Auto-Templates Additional Files

      This is my first contribution to this great forum, I apologize if I have not done well, the Staff has full freedom to modify, move or delete the post, thanks and I hope you like it

      Captura.PNG Captura1.PNG



      - Fluid Theme .XML file

      - Image Folder & ( Depending on the version of the theme you have downloaded, the Includes Folders )

      - PSD Files for Logo & MISC GFX

      - Add-on Modules



      Step 1 - Upload Images & Includes Folder (via FTP)

      1. Open your FTP Client Software

      2. Connect to your web hosting FTP account

      3. Locate your forums directory.

      3-a. If your forum is hosted on public_html, then locate the public_html folder and upload the ( Image & Includes ) folder to your public_html folder.
      3-b. If your forum is hosted on public_html/forum <-- forum being the folder your forum files are in, then locate your forum folder by opening up your public_html folder and upload your ( Images & Includes ) folder to your forum folder.

      Step 2 - Install Modules

      We included a few modules with each skin to help give your style more functionality. Installing these modules are key to streamline the use and ease the ability to modify the style.

      1. Log in to your Admin CP (ex.. )

      2. Once logged in expand "Plugins & Products" then click "Manage Products"

      3. At the bottom of "Installed Products" Click [Add/Import Product].

      4. Browse and install each of the product- files located within the zip file.

      These are the files - [ product-purevb_manager.xml ] , [ product-purevb_manager_(Your-Themes-Name).xml ] & [ product-purevb_add_css.xml ]

      Step 3 - Install XML file

      1. Log in to your Admin CP (ex.. )

      2. Once logged in expand "Styles & Templates" then click "Download / Upload Styles"

      3. Under "Import Style XML File" Browse to the location where you downloaded the XML Files on your computer.

      4. For "Merge Into Style" make sure it says (Create New Style)

      5. Give this theme a Title as it will appear for the skin.

      Setting Theme as Default

      1. Log in to your Admin CP

      2. Once logged in click on "vBulletin Options"

      3. Now locate the "Style & Language Settings" section and select it, then click Edit Settings

      4. Under Default Style select Luburox, and click Save

      Download Now

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    Thanks for sharing the theme broski!
    --vBulletin 4 Assistance Team--

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    thank for this thema

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    thanks bro my vbulletin looks awesome now

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