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Thread: IconExperience X-Collection icon pack

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    IconExperience X-Collection icon pack

    This is the IconExperience X-Collection (XP-Style Icons). This is broken up into several ZIP Files including one file that contains just the *.CIO files. Based on what youíre looking for, you might need to download more than one of these files. Iíll include a few samples of the higher-resolution versions of the graphics below so you can get a feel for the collection

    1. What is This? IconExperience ( are developers of commercial grade icon packs that are intended for software developers, website owners, etc. In each collection there are over 1,000 base icons, but using the special toolbox software on windows to add badge icons there are even more possibilities.

    2. Why would I want this? If youíve ever wanted to change around the icons used in your vBulletin installation or have a better favicon for your website, these icons can do the trick. Normally these icons are costing anywhere from $89 to $149 US for a new license. Well Iíve included them here for your convenience.
    3. What formats are included? Multiple formats of images are included, most common are *.PNG in sizes ranging from 16x16 to 128x128 and *.ICO. The icons come in 2 variants one with shadow effects and one without.
    4. Will you include the toolbox software? I will include it as a separate ZIP file.
    5. What collections will you include? I am going to include the X-Collection (XP-Style Icons), and the V-Collection (Vista-Style icons) I do have the M-Collection (Metro/Windows 8-style icons), O-Collection, and I-Collection. If there are enough demands for the other Collection, Iíll unload them
    6. What Do I Need to Run the Toolbox Software? First you'll need the dreaded Java to run the software, and you'll need windows like it or not. There are 2 versions, one with an installer and a portable version.

    [Some of the Icons In the X-Collection as Examples]

    Police Officer (with Shadow)

    User Preferences Icon (With Shadow)


    Glass Pawn (Blue With Shadow)

    Note that the Above are from the Objects and people package



    ID Card Edit

    The Above are from the Network and security collection

    Debug View
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