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    hi people i need healp in create categorys in my forum 4.2.5

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    Hello, please take the following steps to create a category inside of the forums in VB 4.2.5

    1. Sign into your AdminCP and navigate to Forums & Moderators > Forum Manager
    2. Click Add new forum and give it a name at minimum
    3. Set item’s parent to “no one”
    4. Set “Act as forum” to no.
    5. Finish setting up the options and save
    6. From the forum manager, in the actions menu choose “Add child forum” OR from forum manager add a forum and set your category as the child item’s patent.

    I hope this helps, if given a chance later today, I will see about creating screenshots of the steps as outlined above and attaching them here. please also be advised that due to my hectic life and medical issues, it may take me longer than 24 hours to respond back with the screenshots. If you have any further questions, or need help please feel free to post to reply and I will do my best.

    here is a link to the manual for vBulletin 4.2.5 and the relevant section:
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