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Thread: REG: Can we build a licensing system?

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    REG: Can we build a licensing system?

    Hello everyone:

    I have built out my custom applications based on suite 4.2.3 PL1 and just had an interesting idea that I may wind up implementing when I bring the websites back that host these projects.

    rather than giving the end-user the iLicense application, have a system in place on my site that when they download the main vBulletin suite they would enter in their email address or use the email address stored in their profile and the system would create the requisite customer number and offer a download to an already patched up zip file. Should the user need additional licenses, they repeat this process just requesting a new license. All of a user’s licenses and sites would be stored in their account so in the event the user loses their zip file, needs to do a re-upload to use the tools at PHP, or some other scenario where the original files would need to be, they can simply return to the website and ask for the correct zip file to be generated based on the website that it’s tied to. Should a user get banned from my website, their licenses would at that point be useless. That’s just my idea for the main VB 4 suite.

    The other part of this idea that I had was to upon download offer the user the additional components with descriptions so everything can be downloaded in one shot. For those add-ons which require a branding free key, we should be able to give them a custom key to them which again can be recovered using The client area on my website.

    The idea behind this whole thing is that it illuminates lost keys which I can’t recover, it’s centralizes license administration for the end-user, and it allows a more customizable package for the end-user.

    and for those users that just want everything, the legacy packages would still be available for those users who wish to take the risk of managing their own licensing. Further, Suite 4.2.5 would make a lot of sense in certain applications, yet haven’t bothered to test it or deal with any of that at the minute
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