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Thread: Chiplove.9xpro - vB Attachment Buy&Sell

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      Chiplove.9xpro - vB Attachment Buy&Sell

      Version: , by (Administrator) Tempus is offline
      Developer Last Online: Sep 2019 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      This thread is in the Modification Graveyard.
      Version: 4.x.x Rating:  Installs: 0
      Released: 1st Mar 2015 Last Update: Never Downloads: 0
      Author: Chiplove.9xpro
      Not Supported

      vB Version: 4.x.x

      This plugin helps your forum can do business by selling the attachments. Users can upload attachments and sell them at prices that they themselves made, other users to download the attachment must be use moneytary of forum to purchase

      Plugin will list the number sold, number of purchase of each topic or user etc
      Have a box display all users bought the attachments under post content

      This mod same Download II but it using thread to displayed info of attachments (so easily to manager).
      To download attachment of threads, you must be buy

      Feature of Lite version:

      Turn on/off this plugin
      Option setting currency field of forum
      Option include all forums use mod
      Option include some forums
      Option exclude forum (when us include all forum)
      Option setting maximum price, minimum price per thread/ forums
      Option Free image-attachment for all or no
      Show extra fields (bought, sold, money .v.v.) in postbit
      Free attachments for uploader or no

      Feature of Full version

      Including all options of Lite version
      Option - Must upload an attachment when create thread or no
      Option - Setting admin group to free download attachments
      Option - Display who has bought the attachment
      Option - Display time of the last order in who has bought box
      Option - Send message to uploader (created thread) when their attachments sold
      Option - Limit time downloads after bought
      Option - Display User's Sales in UserCP
      Option - Users of Statistics (the users can be view statistics of others in their CP)
      Option - Default User's Income Tax Rates
      Option - Usergroup's Income Tax Rates
      Option - Remove copyright


      Upload all files in the "upload" folder to your forum.
      Import the product file via the product manager in your AdminCP

      This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer

      Download Now

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