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Thread: [vBMods] Thread Info

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      [vBMods] Thread Info

      Version: 1.1.2, by (Administrator) Tempus is offline
      Developer Last Online: Oct 2019 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Version: 4.x.x Rating:  Installs: 8
      Released: 6th Jun 2016 Last Update: 25th Sep 2018 Downloads: 42
      Supported Uses Plugins Auto-Templates Translations
      External Content

      This is a mod which will add some information to your showthread template. It is from XenForo but I have made one for vBulletin. This is the only mod out there like this for vBulletin.

      It is a simple installation, just import the product XML, vbm_thread_info.xml

      You can edit the options under the settings, [vBMods] Thread Info

      Complete Feature List

      • Option to disable the mod completely.
      • Option to select wether the last icon is a "new reply" button, a "new thread" button or both.
      • Option to display our branding

      Frequently Asked Questions.

      Q. Why do I need such a thing, you ask?

      A. Some admins might like to have this nice little addition to their site.

      Please remember to click the, "Mark as Installed" button to the right if you installed the mod ---->

      What does 'Marking As Installed' do ?

      * It helps you to stay on top of updates - members who have installed modifications will be notified whenever new updates are available.

      * For security issues - will contact all members who have installed a modification whenever a security issue is brought to their attention.

      * Marking a modification as installed also helps me know how many people are using my work, giving me extra incentive to provide more features and new modifications.

      I appreciate the support!

      * History (Changelog) *
      v1.1.2 (25 September, 2018)
      - Add: Option to select new reply or new thread button or both
      v1.1.1 (25 September, 2018)
      - Add: Option to select new reply or new thread button
      v1.1.0 (25 September, 2018)
      - Add: Option to show branding
      - Add: Now working on all versions of 4.x.x
      v1.0.1 (26 January, 2018)
      - Fix: Added font awesome css.
      v1.0.0 (6 June, 2016)
      - Initial public release.

      Download Now

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      Show Your Support

      • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.

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